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The Widgits Company Ltd.

The Widgits Ryeland Flock - Flock number 01654

Since our original purchase of three pedigree Ryeland Sheep we have grown the flock to 50 breeding Ewes and 4 Rams for the 2017 season making the Widgits Flock one of the largest Flocks in the South of England.


Over the last few years we have been performance recording our Ryeland flock to ensure that the flock is improving year on year in terms of quality of carcass, lambing ease, footcare, worm burden and requiring as little shepherding input as possible.


Our flock is made up of the following bloodlines;

Ashford, Catherton, Dolwen, Cagedale, Mansel, Arberth, Ruslin, Pembroke, Hanwell, Juggis, Rochford, 


Stock Rams used 2017:

Stock Rams

Ryeland Number

Bryn Caffo Vick


Hilton Wynter


Hawthorns Vindolanda


Arberth Upstart


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