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Ryeland Breed Traits


Ryeland sheep are amongst the oldest established British sheep breeds. The Ryeland has it's own breed society (HERE) that keeps the national flock book and promotes the benefits of the breed.


Features of Our Maternal Ryeland Ewes


  • Easy to manage. They are very docile and friendly in nature. Extremely easy to handle. No sheepdog needed, just a bucket of feed! In fact our sheep come running over the second they see us approaching.
  • Easy on the eye. They look like cuddly teddy bears as they are heavily wooled, including the head, give them a very appealing appearance.
  • Easy to contain with no real appetite to escape.
  • Efficient Lawnmowers. They will happily graze lower grade pasture for much of the year with minimal use of concentrates making them ideal for Low input and Organic farming.
  • Easy Lambing. Most Ryeland Ewes manage lambing without any assistance. They make great mothers as they take good care of their lambs and are very attentive. They are also very good at producing milk.
  • High Health. The breed seems almost immune to foot-rot. We minimise any foot problems and Mastitis by culling.
  • Great tasting meat that tastes like lamb used to. Many Ryeland breeders supply gastro-pubs and restaurants keen to take their meat.
  • Hardy Ewes. Very adaptable to different feed and climate conditions.
  • Excellent for training Sheepdogs.
  • High Quality Fleece. The fleece is now very popular with home spinners, craft workers and those mixing with Alpaca wool.
  • Excellent show sheep, as they often win shows.


Features of Our Terminal Ryeland Rams


  • Ryeland rams are increasingly being used as terminal sires for crossing with more commercial breeds, particularly for the production of high quality, great tasting meat or for their high health such as reducing foot problems in their current stock.
  • High survivability. Good vigorous lambs that are up and sucking mothers quickly. Ensuring very good lamb survival.
  • Excellent Coats. Increase the survivability in the harshest climates.
  • Easy to manage.They are good workers and easily kept without any aggression.
  • Easily finished off grass.
  • Excellent conformation. Finished lambs are well fleshed. They will produce quality carcases with a high killing out percentage achieving premium grades.
  • Excellent show sheep, as they often win shows.

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