Hybrid POL Pullets

We have a number of different Hybrid chickens for sale,for further details of each variety please click on the links below or on the left.

Hybrid chickens make ideal first time hens as they are the easiest chickens to handle and care for, while getting a steady supply of eggs. They are hardy, adaptable, inquisitive, the best egg layers and not to mention excellent friendly characters. The pullets we supply are between 16-22 weeks of age and should either just be coming into lay or will start laying in four to six weeks.

The Hybrid pullets under go a comprehensive vaccination programme against all major poultry diseases including Salmonella, Mareks, Coccidiosis, Mycroplasma, Bronchitis, Newcastles Disease and more. 

We use two 50 bird houses on our farm to house the pullets we supply. 

We stock a variety of Hybrids which allows you to mix and match for easier identification for children, while also giving you a designer flock.

Please remember to bring a cardboard box or animal crate (cat basket) to collect your chickens with with a suitable flooring( newspaper, straw or shavings). As a guideline a normal sized cat basket will hold three pol chickens safely and comfortably.

Returning home customers receive a 10% discount off of all subsequent orders of Hybrid chickens.